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4" Tall Steel High Rise Bed Frame Leg Extensions

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Item # LE-4

Increase the Height of Your Bed by 3 3/4"

The optimal solution for additional height in your bedding. Increase the height of your bed frame by 3 3/4 inches. These steel bed risers offer a simple and safe solution for making your bed taller.

Three Different Models

Three different models are available: one for casters or wheels, one for standard glides, and one for threaded glides.
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    Add Additional Height to Your Bed These steel bed frame leg extensions are the ideal way to safely add additional height to to your bed. The simple installation and sturdy steel construction allow you to easily increase the amount of storage room under your bed. Simple Installation Designed to fit bed frames with round leg posts, installation is simple. You simply remove your current wheel or glide, place the wide part of the extension over the leg post on your bed frame, then attach your wheel or glide to the bottom of the extension. The simple, no hassle design actually gets stronger with more weight, so you can sleep comfortably knowing these extensions will not fail. No special tools are needed for installation, and anyone can do it - a Handyman is not required! Three Different Models Three different models of this high rise extension leg are available, so make sure to choose the correct one to match your bed frame:
    • For Wheels: Designed for bed frames with standard Grip-Neck wheels, casters, or glides, which "Pop" into the socket. This model comes with the plastic plugs you need to ensure a tight fit of your grip neck feet.
    • For Standard Glides: Designed for the popular cone-shaped plastic glides (usually 2-3 inches tall). These glides have a round opening in the top which the extension rests into
    • For Threaded Glides: These glides have a threaded stem on them, and are the most common type for bed frames with Adjustable Heights. When you choose this option, your risers will come with threaded plastic inserts so you can use your adjustable glides.
    Note on Height Dimensions The actual height of the riser is approx. 4 7/16" from the top to the bottom of the riser. However, measured from the point at which the leg inserted from the bedframe terminates in the top of the riser, to the point where the stem plug for the glide or caster would terminate on the bottom of the riser, the approx. measurement is 3 3/4". The riser would thus raise the height of the bed approximately 3 3/4". Features
    • Durable Steel Construction, built to last
    • Affordable storage space
    • Easy installation in minutes
    • No hassle, no handyman needed
    • No special tools required
    Measure Carefully Make sure to review the detailed measurements in the additional images, to make sure these will fit your bed frame. Sold Singly These steel riser legs are priced and sold individually, so enter the correct quantity to match the number of legs on your bed frame. Quantity discounts are automatically applied in the shopping cart based on the number of legs you purchase.

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