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Swing-Away Hinges for Dual Queen and Dual King Beds, Set of 2

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Item # 101*490417

Innovation for Customer Convenience

This innovative product allows owners of Split or Dual Queen or King beds to swing the two bed units apart for easier cleaning or linen changing. The headboard remains attached throughout the entire procedure.The bed units are then easily returned to the closed position.

Approximate Dimensions

The Swing-Away Hinges are approximately 1" wide and 3 3/4" long where the Hinge Pin inserts. (For other dimension specifications, please see Dimension Illustrations under "More Views".)

Hardware Included

Included with the pair of Swing-Away Hinges is mounting hardware: 4 Bolts and 4 Self-Locking Nuts (please see main picture).
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    The Problem Split or Dual King size beds and Split or Dual Queen size beds offer a lot of advantages, but problems can arise if both units are attached to the same headboard. It becomes difficult to separate the two units for cleaning or changing linens without disengaging the headboard also. The Solution The Swing-Away Hinge permits the headboard to remain attached to both units. The two units are simply swung into the open position for cleaning or linen changing. The headboard remains attached throughout the entire procedure. When cleaning or linen changing is completed, the two units can be easily swung back into the closed position. Headboard Removal Still Easy Should the consumer desire to replace the headboard or take the bed apart for a move, the headboard is easily detached from the bed units by simply removing a pin in each Swing Away hinge.

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