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Slipstick Gripper Maximum Floor Protection Large Glide Cups Set of 4

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Item # 107*CB885


  • Provides maximum protection for hardwood, laminate, and ceramic tile floors.
  • Prevents unsightly indention's and scratches on many different surfaces.
  • Stops creeping furniture from sliding around when in use.
  • Backed by a 5 year ltd. manufacturer's replacement warranty against premature wear, faulty materials or manufacturers defect.
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    Protects Floors The new slipstick glide cup provides maximum hardwood, laminate, and ceramic tile floor protection against glide scratches and and prevents them from leaving unsightly indention's and marks on these surfaces. Stops Creeping Furniture The slipstick gripper provides maximum grip for glides on slate, hardwood, laminate, or any other surface you want to protect from scratches and dents. The slipstick also stops creeping furniture from moving around. The slapstick collection is designed to provide you with adequate protection for the surfaces in your home and office that can be easily scratched or damaged at an affordable price.

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