Item # 107*CB420

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Slipstick Gripper Maximum Protection Carpet Castor Cups, Set of 4

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Item # 107*CB420


  • Provides maximum protection for all your carpeted surfaces.
  • Prevents unsightly indention's and marks on your carpet.
  • Stops furniture from sliding around when in use.
  • Backed by a 5 year ltd. manufacturer's replacement warranty against premature wear, faulty materials or manufacturers defect.
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    Helps Protect Carpet from Possible Caster Damage The new Slipstick Carpet Caster Cup provides maximum carpet protection against caster damage by preventing the caster from leaving unsightly indentions and marks on your carpet. The Slipstick Design The Slipstick Cup is designed to hold the caster in a stationary position. The weight of the bedframe leg is distributed into the spikes on the bottom of the Slipstick. This design prevents the caster from rolling and it prevents all the weight from being focused at one point where the caster makes contact with the carpet. The nap of the carpet is thus better preserved. The caster is easily removed from the Slipstick Cup when mobility is desired.

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