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1/4"-20 T-Nuts for Furniture Levelers, Set of 6

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Item # 116*031.05.968


Zinc plated steel.

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This item is sold as a set of 6. Thus selecting a quantity of 1 will result in 6 T-Nuts being ordered. Selecting a quantity of 3 will result in 3 sets of 6 T-Nuts or 18 T-Nuts being ordered.
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    Application T-Nuts are threaded and function as the receptacle into which hanger bolt equipped furniture levelers are screwed. Size This T-Nut will fit the 1/4"-20 hanger bolt that is most commonly found in furniture levelers Installation Information The T-Nut is hammered into the furniture item at the location where the furniture leveler is to be installed. A drilled hole 5/16" in diameter and sufficiently deep to accept the shaft of the furniture leveler is required for the threaded shaft of the T-Nut. The furniture leveler is then simply screwed into the T-Nut.

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