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Hospitality Bolt-On Bed Frame - Warped Floor Series - Queen / King / California King HEAVY DUTY

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Item # 101*420209G

For Uneven Floors

If you have an uneven floor in your bedroom -- this is the bedframe you need. It is Heavy-Duty, capable of even supporting your water bed.

Feature Summary

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Strong, durable bedframe
  • Keyslot Crossarms: For easy assembly and safe, sturdy support
  • Reversible Headboard Brackets: Fit virtually all headboards
  • Adjustable Glide Equipped Legs: Adjust to uneven floors
  • Gash Guard Sheet Protectors: Protect sheets, ankles, and pets from scratches and tears
  • Included Center Support: Supports mattress / foundation unit in the middle
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty: This bedframe is built to last
  • Made in the United Sates: Lasting Quality
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    Uneven Floors Are Hard on Your Bedframe Many homes have uneven floors. Uneven floors can flex and stress your bedframe, foundation, and mattress. The Hospitality Bed Warped Floor Series of bedframes addresses the warped floor problem with individually adjustable legs. This bedframe easily accommodates even the most uneven floor surface. Heavy-Duty with 9 Adjustable Glide Equipped Legs This Hospitality Bed Frame comes equipped with 9 Adjustable Glides. Because the Hospitality Bed Frame has the ability to adjust each leg, uneven floors are no match for this specialized bed frame. Each leg can adjust incrementally from approximately 6 1/2" to 9 1/2" to insure stability on even the worst warped floor situation. Extend the Life of Your Mattress and Foundation Unit The Warped Floor Series Bed Frames extend the life of your mattress and foundation unit by providing the stability required. All come with popular convenience features that consumers rely on for ease of assembly. Assembly Easy with Built-In Convenience Features
    • Keyslot Crossarms: Makes Width Adjustment Easy
    • Reversible Headboard Brackets: Heavy-Duty oversized bolt-on brackets can be reversed to fit odd sized headboards
    Gash Guard Sheet Protectors This bedframe is equipped with Gash Guard Sheet Protectors which protect your sheets against being torn on sharp end corners of the bedframe. Gash Guard Sheet Protectors also protect ankles and legs from being scratched on the sharp metal ends of the frame. Pets also benefit from the protection provided by Gash Guard. Center Support System For added support and stability this bedframe includes a Center Support System consisting of a center support rail running from side to side with three adjustable glide equipped legs. Also, the head and foot cross rails each have an adjustable glide equipped center support leg This bedframe has a total of 9 adjustable glide equipped feet providing support. For HEAVY-DUTY Applications This HEAVY DUTY Warped Floor Series Bedframe is designed specifically to meet or exceed the heavy support requirements for waterbeds. This frame features nine support legs to provide a heavy duty support surface for your bed. Heavy-Duty Construction
    • Side Rail: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x .100"
    • Cross Arms: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x .100"
    Made in the United States This bedframe is manufactured with pride in the United States. It is not an import nor aftermarket item. No corners are cut, no sacrifices in quality are made with either materials or the manufacturing process of this bedframe. The materials and workmanship are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This bedframe is built to last over the long term under heavy use. Return Policy Please note that the images shown on this page are for representation, and the product you receive may differ slightly due to manufacturing changes. Please review the item description and detailed measurements which are provided to ensure this frame will work for your application, as bed frames are non-returnable. See our Terms & Conditions page for more information on our return policy. Accessories Expand the Usefulness of Your Bedframe If your headboard is of the slotted (hook-on) type, you will need either the optional # 65 Adapto Hook or the # 711 Bolt-On to Hook-On Bed Frame Conversion Brackets.
    • You would use the # 65 Adapto Hook if your headboard is not actually supporting your bed; it would be attached and supported by the Adapto-Hook.
    • If, on the other hand, your headboard would need to help support your bed, you would need the # 711 Bolt-On to Hook-On Bed Frame Conversion Brackets; they allow your headboard to support your bed.
    • If you need the hardware (nuts, bolts, and washers) to attach your Bolt-On headboard to your bedframe, please select the Bed Frame Attachment Hardware Combo Bag.
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    Additional Information

    Bed Frame Size Queen, King, California King
    Leg Style Glides
    Attachment Style Bolt On
    Center Support One Center Support Rail with Three Adjustable Glide Equipped Legs, Also One Adjustable Glide Equipped Center Leg on the Head & Foot Rails