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Restmore 46 Low Profile Bolt-On Bed Frame - Twin / Full Size

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Item # 101*423196

If your mattress is too high, the Restmore 46 Low Profile Bed Frame can address the problem by lowering your bed.


  • Versatile: Fits Twin and Full Size bedding
  • Sturdy Construction: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" side rails
  • Lower Height: 4 1/2" from floor to bottom of box spring (lowers bed by 3")
  • Color: Brown
  • Keyslot Crossarms make assembly and size selection easy yet provide strong secure support
  • Gash Guard Sheet Protectors cover sharp ends of the bedframe, protecting sheets from tears and ankles from scratches
  • Reversible Headboard Brackets fit virtually all headboards
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty assures the consumer of a quality constructed product

  • Length: 70 7/8"
  • Width: 38" (Twin), 53" (Full)
  • Please see Dimension Illustrations under More Views for more dimension specifications
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    The Restmore Bedframe The Restmore bedframe is versatile and features sturdy construction.. All of these features are available at an attractive price point. Purpose of the Low-Profile Bedframe The Low Profile Bedframe is designed to sit much lower to the floor than the traditional bedframe. This lowered height is achieved not only with shorter legs, but through the design of the bedframe itself. The result is a bedframe designed from the floor up to sit lower to the floor without any sacrifice in comfort, security, or quality of construction. Situations in Which the Low Profile Bedframe Can Be of Benefit
    • There is a fear / risk of falling: Because the Low Profile Bed is closer to the floor, the fear of falling is minimized. If a fall does occur, injuries are eliminated or minimized because the bed is much closer to the floor.
    • Ease of Use: Persons with mobility issues can benefit from a bed that is easier to get into and out of. Climbing and lifting needs are eliminated or minimized.
    • Individual Preference: Some people just prefer sleeping on a lower height bed
    • Super Thick Mattresses: Can sometimes cause a bed's total height to increase to uncomfortably high levels. The Low Profile Bedframe could help bring the bed back down to a comfortable height.
    • Decorative Concerns: Sometimes it is desirable to decrease a bed's presence in a room. Lowering the height of the bed is one way to accomplish this.
    Height Dimensions The Restmore 46 Low Profile Bedframe can lower the standard height bed approximate 3". The height of the Boxspring from the floor is approximately 4-1/2". Please see the Dimension Illustrations under More Views for complete Dimension Specifications for this bedframe. Popular Convenience Features Included
    • The Restmore 46 Low Profile Bed Frame features Reversible Headboard Brackets of sturdy construction. The brackets are riveted and fit virtually all headboards.
    • The Keyslot Crossarms make assembly easy.
    • The 2 1/4" Rug Rollers facilitate easy mobility, yet lock securely (2 have locks) with the included locks.
    Gash Guard Sheet Protectors This bedframe is equipped with Gash Guard Sheet Protectors which protect your sheets against being torn on sharp end corners of the bedframe. Gash Guard Sheet Protectors also protect ankles and legs from being scratched on the sharp metal ends of the frame. Limited Lifetime Warranty Assures the consumer of quality construction and long trouble free service. Made in the United States This bedframe is manufactured with pride in the United States (not an import nor aftermarket item). No corners are cut, no sacrifices in quality are made with either materials or the construction process of this bedframe. Return Policy Please note that the images shown on this page are for representation, and the product you receive may differ slightly due to manufacturing changes. Please review the item description and detailed measurements which are provided to ensure this frame will work for your application, as bed frames are non-returnable. See our Terms & Conditions page for more information on our return policy. Accessories Can Expand the Usefulness of Your Bolt-On Bedframe (All these products can be found under Related Products along the right edge of this page.)
    • The #65 Adapto-Hook Headboard & Footboard Attachment Bracket allows the consumer to convert bolt-on brackets to hook on brackets. Thus, a bedframe with bolt-on brackets can be used with a hook-on headboard / footboard. With this accessory, the headboard / footboard do not actually support any weight; they are attached to the bedframe for the sake of appearance.
    • The #711 Bolt-On to Hook-On Bed Frame Conversion Bracket allows the consumer to convert bolt-on brackets to hook-on brackets. Thus, a bed frame with bolt-on brackets can be used with a a hook-on headboard and/or footboard. This accessory would be used when the footboard / headboard need to actually help support the bed.
    • If you need the hardware (nuts, bolts, and washers) to attach your Bolt-On headboard /footboard to your bedframe, please select the Bed Frame Attachment Hardware Combo Bag.

    Additional Information

    Bed Frame Size Twin, Full
    Leg Style Wheels
    Attachment Style Bolt On
    Center Support No Center Support